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I had a good experience with Sherpaa. I appreciated the fact that the doctors took the time to really learn my health history and what symptoms I was experiencing. They didn’t just dash off a prescription. I learned some things about treating sinus and respiratory issues (some additional OTC treatments available and the fact that most are viral and just need to be allowed to take their course). When the issues did not get better after a reasonable period of time, I checked back in, had an almost immediate call from the doctor, and a prescription was then sent in. I would definitely recommend Sherpaa to people I know, and I’m going to mention to my employer.


Super helpful in getting my medications filled and getting me a referral to finally address a long chronic issue. My doctor even called me personally to address concerns. 10/10 on service.


Fast response. Great advice. What great medical service should have been.


Dr. Gonnella and her team have been incredibly helpful and supportive. Their responsiveness, expertise, and level of care have left me with nothing but gratitude for the impeccable service. This is how modern medicine should work!
Thank you!


I always get a quick response and it has been extremely helpful to have Sherpaa at my disposal instead of having to go out to an urgent care or my doctor and pay (sometime a lot) of money to have these questions answered. I have Medicaid and seeing a doctor can be 1. complicated (just finding one in the first place) 2. time consuming (whether it is waiting for them to have an opening, waiting in the office a long time or traveling an hour out of my way to get there) and 3. expensive (especially if I have to pay out of pocket for services, which I end up having to do a lot) so Sherpaa is extremely convenient for me. I also appreciate when they let me know something is serious enough and that I do need to be evaluated in person. I tell all my friends who also have Medicaid or no insurance about Sherpaa. So thank you!


This was a lifesaver when I was feeling like death! I’m already feeling much better. Fast reply and the help was much needed. Thank you so much!


Prompt and easy. It was so nice to get antibiotics for a UTI over the weekend instead of having to live with it until I could make a doctors appointment.


Sherpaa is my favorite thing on the planet. Helps me out immensely!


I was amazed at how quickly responses came in and how helpful they were. Thank you!


I can’t overstate how helpful Dr Gonnella was to me. I herniated two discs with a tear in one that was hitting a nerve root. I was in immense pain and unable to fully sit or lay down, extend my leg over the course of a few days. I was unsure what to do and wasn’t able to get in to see any doctors for over a week, which was not possible. Dr Gonnella was incredibly helpful and is the only reason Im okay right now. She helped me understand what to do, manage my pain on my own while I could, helped me find doctors and followed up with me to help me take care of things. I can’t say thank you enough.


I have only had good experiences with Sherpaa. It’s been a godsend.


Their referral was spot on and they were so efficient! I spent two days, at least 40 calls, attempting to find an OB-GYN in my network, to no avail. I was at my wit’s end when a colleague suggested I try finding the referral through Sherpaa. Within 24 hours, they had the name and address of someone close to my work, in my network, who was the right fit for me. So happy a service like this exists!


Overall my interactions with the physicians were smooth, their judgement, questions, answers, and patient care was impeccable, and I’m quite happy with Sherpaa!


Always prompt and polite. I love the quickness and ease of using the app. I take better care of my health thanks to Sherpaa.


The service I am getting through Sherpaa from the doctors is excellent and frankly (I’m afraid to say this) I wonder if you are charging too little for the level of service they are providing? I think the Sherpaa model of having continual access to MD’s rather than having to schedule appointments is the future — keep at it. I am very impressed by the quality of care I am receiving and it allows me to follow up on the things I need to address and get traction on making positive change.


I was beyond amazed when I got a phone call on a Saturday for follow-up! I can’t even speak to my PCP during an emergency on a Saturday. This was above and beyond care and diligence and I was blown away with the service. Truly amazing and had to tell everyone!!


You all are always great, but I couldn’t believe how quickly someone was able to call and change my prescription to a less expensive drug. Thank you SO much for all the help – every step of the way!!


The doctor I’ve spoken to multiple times now is so very good at her job. She is calm, she is efficient, she is thoughtful, she is thorough.


Thank you, It was so simple, quick, and convenient. Sherpaa really exceeded my expectations.


Doctors check in on me regularly. Didn’t fight my decision to not to take their recommendation. Rather they gave me more resources that supported my decision. Offered to follow up. Have been very friendly despite no human interaction. Extremely convenient. Feels like concierge medicine without the price tag.


The response to my problem was timely and professional. The simplicity and efficiency of consulting with the provider, having a prescription written, and having it sent to my preferred pharmacy was incredible. I had no idea my very first experience with Sherpaa would be so successful and was pleasantly surprised.


Amazing! I have never used this service before and I am very impressed. Absolutely an amazing tool to use and the assistance provided was great!


You folks provide a terrific service. I continue to be impressed by your helpful and thoughtful recommendations.


Fast, reliable service. Quick response time and compassionate doc who really listened to my complicated situation. Thanks!


Very pleased with Sherpaa, based on a couple of months of patientship. Easy access. Quick and knowledgeable responses. Actionable care plans. Nice that I have had consistent practitioners through my various encounters.


The recommendations I received were outstanding and very personalized. I was worried I would get a very computerized response, but my doctor did a great job responding to what I had tried and gave great recommendations that helped me get better.


I appreciated the thorough approach and clear information. I feel as though my Sherpaa experiences are more comfortable and thorough than in person visits, and definitely more convenient. I also think it’s easier to be truthful and remember more information in the moment than waiting for a visit.


All the doctors I’ve interacted with on Sherpaa have been wonderful and supportive, but Dr. Gonnella goes above and beyond. When issues or complications arise she takes matters into her own hands and doesn’t stop until she comes to a satisfactory resolution with her patients. She makes me feel really cared for and I’m very appreciative of it!


This was my first time using sharpaa. It was very easy to use. It was a relief that I could start treating my problem on Saturday so I wouldn’t have to wait for my doctor on Monday.


Dr Gonella and Dr Chung we’re very friendly and informative. Dr. Gonella was amazing and made feel a lot less stressed out about the situation. Thank you so much!


Exceptional care as always! The providers I have used including this wonderful team has been super approachable and personable. I wish I could se them as practitioners in real life!


Sherpaa has been nothing less than an exceptional experience and I feel so fortunate to have access to a wonderful team who works to help me while I’m on vacation, in the middle of the night, across time zones and on my birthday. Truly outstanding!


Having Dr. Gonnella to help communicate with the surgeon’s office was above and beyond my expectations. I missed way less work dealing with this thanks to Sherpaa as well. Thanks to Sherpaa I was finally able to have a problem I have been facing for 12 years addressed. Forever grateful to her and your whole team. All the best.


Quick response and thorough feedback to see me accurately being treated while on vacation!!!


VERY SATISFIED—This was the first time I used Sherpaa. The app makes it easy to share the relevant information via questionnaires and photo uploads. The responses/diagnosis were almost instantaneous and the advice plentiful and on point, becoming more so as I shared additional details. A prescription was called into the nearest pharmacy but one I had never used before. Even though this could spell trouble as they try to match up your insurance information, my medication was ready for pick up in an hour. The follow-up care was unexpected but necessary, it helped me identify what triggered my symptoms–it’s what I imagine having a doctor in your immediate family must be like!


The team was extremely helpful and responsive. They seemed to really care about my situation and all the answers were given quickly. It’s the first time I use the service and I am delighted


Very responsive, and followed up after the fact. My issue was minor so maybe it was an easy one, but the questions felt thorough and the doctors proactively followed up and checked in on me which was great.


You guys are amazing with prompt replies and follow-ups. So happy my company provides this service!


Perfect experience. Rash had been getting worse for about a week and after the Dr.’s help and advice, it improved about 24-48 hours later. Such a relief and a great experience.


Amazingly fast assistance. Polite but thorough. I’m very impressed.


Great experience. Super easy and convenient. I didn’t want to go to a clinic when I knew that I could self diagnose my injury. I’m so glad that I was able to get medication without needing to spend time in a waiting room.


Dr. Gonnella responded quickly and thoroguhly. She was knowledgable and empathetic, which is hard to communicate through an online exchange. I would definitely come back to her again!


I love Sherpaa! They are prompt and thorough with their responses and have saved me so much time and money.


Awesome customer service, very reliable and extremely helpful. All around great app experience!


Medical advice was prompt, friendly and accurate. Sherpaa’s style of primary care is unique and effective. This style will be critical to improving access to, quality of and price for care in the future.


The doctors responded efficiently and kindly. It was such a pleasant experience, I wish all my doctor interactions went as well.


Loved that I received a follow up message to see how I was doing. That’s unheard of now a days.


As always, the advice from Sherpaa’s diligent team was sound and swiftly delivered. For a young person, Sherpaa is the best thing the world of telemedicine has to offer.


Nice to be given some direction on where to go from here. This joint issue has been an issue for years but I never knew what to do about it. Glad for the referral and even more impressed that the dr I called for an appointment knew exactly who I was and why I would be visiting. Made the whole thing easy!


Quick and easy to get treatment for my lingering sinus infection, with lots of details on treatment options to choose from.


Sherpaa is amazing! The best quality care anywhere in the US. The doctors were prompt, responsive and gave attention to every detail and provided the best advice. Thanks to Sherpaa I have been able to take my health treatment forward when it was sorely needed and I was not sure how to proceed with it.


Super easy and helpful. Was able to receive prescription within half an hour of chatting. Been taking medicine as advised since the chat, feeling much better!!!


I really appreciate all the doctors’ bedside manners and that they gave me the medication I needed with adequate refills. I would highly recommend this app. I also love that it’s so cost effective. It saved me plenty of time and hassle from going to an urgent care.


Sherpaa responded to a situation I had when traveling that brought me great peace of mind. Having access to well-qualified experts, who also demonstrate empathy, turned an experiment into something I plan to keep going forward.


Great service and easy to use. Has saved me a lot of time.


Fantastic service. Couldn’t be any more convenient.


I was already sort of sick and then got worse very very quickly and Dr. Jae was amazing! You guys really have a great platform and I’ll be trying to bring as many people over as I can!!


Dr. Gonnella is the best. Always follows up and has given me great recommendations and treatment plans.


Dr. Gonnella is absolutely amazing. very quick turnaround times and super thorough. Truly enjoy reaching out to her.


Well done. Always convenient and always spot on.


Sherpaa is always fantastic! Personable, knowledgeable, and caring doctors. Thanks!


This was amazing. I was so happy to not have to go all the way to a doctor, take time off of work and not pay a copay.
I’m very excited about using this more!


Wonderful! It was my first time trying this out and I’m thrilled with the service.


I received quick, helpful responses, no matter the time of day, which was very convenient when I wasn’t feeling well. And I was monitored until I was feeling better, which was nice.


Awesome experiences with Sherpaa. This UTI came on so quickly and I was so uncomfortable. Happy to get the antibiotics first thing Monday morning and to be able to speak to someone on Sunday night! Very thorough and great doctors. Thank you!


I appreciated how quickly I was able to get help. Additionally, Dr. Gonnella was incredibly easy to work with and I appreciated how thoroughly she looked into my condition. The prescribed treatment, penicillin, was exactly what I needed and I started feeling noticeably better within 24 hours. I’ve already told all of my colleagues at work how easy Sherpaa is and how grateful I am that I didn’t have to go to Urgent Care.


Very easy to navigate the app, exceeded expectations in response time. Overall, quite happy with my experience and I would recommend to others.


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