Workforce Magazine: Sherpaa's Cover Feature 0

Workforce Magazine: Sherpaa’s Cover Feature

Dr. Jay Parkinson and his virtual health platform Sherpaa are quietly bringing telemedicine to the forefront of employers’ minds by providing meaningful health care with …

The Doctor Will Text You Now 0

The Doctor Will Text You Now

Check out our interactive feature in the Healthcare issue of HP Matter: Sherpaa provides 24-hour access to doctors via smartphones and online tools. Co-founder Dr. …

Sherpaa on Bloomberg TV 0

Sherpaa on Bloomberg TV

Jay was on Bloomberg TV’s Market Makers this morning, explaining how Sherpaa helps businesses cut healthcare costs. Check out the interview here!

Jezebel: Goodbye Google, hello Sherpaa 0

Jezebel: Goodbye Google, hello Sherpaa

Jezebel: Say Goodbye to Dr. Google Paranoia With Sherpaa: It’s 3 A.M. and you’re frantically clicking Google results for “my neck is making a weird creaking …