Launching Sherpaa: Best Practices

Sherpaa's success is 100% dependent on a partnership between the Sherpaa team and you to communicate Sherpaa's value to your employees. When employees understand the concept and value, they regularly use Sherpaa as their first point of contact prior to getting traditional in-person care. We typically expect to see, 12 months after launching Sherpaa in your company, 50-60% of employees using Sherpaa prior to using office visits. When this happens, ~80% of PCP, specialist, urgent care, and ER visit claims are avoided. And the other 20% are strategically and cost-effectively directed by Sherpaa physicians as the most efficient way to traditionally diagnose and treat a condition with local doctor visits and procedures.

What can you expect?

When communicated effectively and we eliminate reasons not to use Sherpaa, employees use Sherpaa as a first point of contact prior to making an in-person office appointment or visiting an urgent care center. The first step is driving registration. The registration process takes ~2 minutes and employees are educated about Sherpaa and how to use Sherpaa throughout the process. However, not everyone needs medical care upon registration, so we continue to educate them so they use Sherpaa when they do need medical care. This delay between aware of Sherpaa and need for medical care is often weeks to months. Here’s what we typically see when Sherpaa is properly communicated to a group:

Launch Process

1: Decide a launch date.

2: Prior to the launch date, if possible, ensure Sherpaa has a presence on each employee’s insurance card (example).

3: One day prior to the launch date, the company’s leadership (CEO) announces Sherpaa and hypes it up with this copy.

4: On the launch date, Sherpaa sends out an email to each employee with their unique link to “Activate Sherpaa Now.” If the employee does not activate Sherpaa within 7 days, the platform sends them another email with different copy. If they do not activate within 30 days, they receive another email, which ends the automated invitations.

5: On day 30, Sherpaa presents to the client the percent of employees who registered with Sherpaa and the percent who created at least one Episode of Care.

6: After 30 days, Sherpaa sends short, quarterly emails to employees educating them about how and why to use Sherpaa.

How to describe Sherpaa to employees

Short Description

Sherpaa is primary care from your own personal doctor at anytime and anywhere at no cost to you.

Longer Description

Before you visit a local doctor, just reach out to your own personal Sherpaa doctor and tell them what’s wrong. They’ll ask you plenty of questions and get to know you and your situation. Don’t worry, they can still order tests, prescribe and refill medications, arrange care for you with local specialists, and diagnose and treat the same ~1,500 health conditions a primary care doctor in an office can manage. Throughout all your health issues, you’ll always work with your own Sherpaa doctor who’s just minutes away at anytime from anywhere. So use Sherpaa as your starting point every time you need a doctor for anything—simple or complex—to avoid the hassles and costs of old-fashioned office visits.

Where to link employees to get them registered


Your company’s custom landing page with the format

Post Launch Best Practices

The best way to communicate Sherpaa to employees after the launch is to remind them via email with short snippets about what Sherpaa is and what Sherpaa helps them avoid. For example:

“Did you know you’ll always work with the same doctor every time you use Sherpaa? This helps you avoid seeing random doctors at random places every time you need care.”

Copy for “Sherpaa: did you know”

  • You’ll always work with the same doctor every time you use Sherpaa?

  • You can reach out to Sherpaa 24/7 to get care, instead of making an office appointment or visiting an urgent care center?

  • Sherpaa doctors can prescribe and refill most medications?

  • Sherpaa doctors can diagnose and treat 95% of the same ~1,500 conditions a primary care doctor or urgent care center can treat?

  • Your Sherpaa doctor can manage high blood pressure and high cholesterol?

  • Sherpaa can help you get in to see specialists they refer you to faster than you can do that on your own?

  • Getting treated by your Sherpaa doctor costs you nothing?

  • You can get care from your Sherpaa doctor in less than 20 minutes?

  • Sherpaa prevents ~80% of visits to PCPs, urgent care centers, and ERs?

  • Your Sherpaa doctor can solicit a specialist’s opinion and get their recommendation for how to treat you, all online and without office visits?

  • Instead of only being able to talk with a doctor during an office visit, you can send a message or give your Sherpaa doctor a call and expect a response within minutes whenever you’d like?

  • Sherpaa has over 5,000 5-star reviews.

Copy for “Sherpaa helps you avoid:”

  • “I just spent 2 weeks waiting for this appointment, 1 hour in the waiting room, and $150 just to get referred to someone else?”

  • “I’m sick and I have to shlep to the doctor’s office instead of just staying in bed?”

  • “I just got a bill with 12 line items for $1,200 and I was only there for 12 minutes.”

  • “I need to go to the epicenter of sickness and wait amongst other sick people in a germy waiting room?”

  • “What do you mean you can’t stitch me up here in urgent care and I now have to go to the ER and I now owe you how much for telling me this?”

  • “This rash just got worse…why can’t I just send my doctor a photo and ask if this is normal or not?”

  • “Is this a thing and is it important enough to spend time and money on doing anything about it anytime soon?”

  • “Google says my headache is a tumor…I’m scared out of my mind and my appointment is a week away.”

  • “Everytime I visit my PCP, I see some other doctor or maybe even a nurse practitioner.”

  • “Blah! I totally forgot to ask her that one question and that was the main reason I made the appointment!”

  • “I waited for an hour in the waiting room and that doctor only spent 7 minutes with me.”

  • “The doctor barely even looked at me…they were looking at their computer the whole time.”

  • “That doctor interrupted me every 5 seconds and I couldn’t even explain how I was actually feeling.”

  • “It’s super embarrassing having to look someone in the eyes and explain what’s happening down there.”

  • “Blah! I was so nerve-wracked and just trying to process things that I totally forgot almost everything the doctor said.”

  • “It was cold and why was I naked under that gown when they didn’t even examine me?”

  • “I spent 2 hours traveling back and forth to the office. I can think of plenty of other better things to do than sit in traffic.”

  • “If I’m not working, I’m not getting paid and you want me to take an afternoon of work just to go to the doctor?”

  • “Gee, that’s a fancy old-school clipboard, Doc. Got any Sports Illustrated from last year too?”

  • “This is the third time I’ve been asked by three different people if I have a fever.”

Where to put Sherpaa content

In onboarding materials for new employees

Your company's benefits guide

Your company’s intranet

Company-wide emails (see best practices above)

Email signature from HR/health benefits team

Break rooms and other appropriate places (see posters and one pagers below)

Physical Collateral

Many of our clients use posters and flyers to communicate Sherpaa to employees. Here is an example of one of our large posters:

If you would like to print this out yourself and hang it, you can download the file here. If you'd like to have us send posters to your office, please request them here.

For a smaller 8 1/2 x 11 format, please download our one pager here.