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We don't believe in doctor appointments 0

We don’t believe in doctor appointments

Doctor appointments are bottlenecks that prevent you from getting things done quickly. Sherpaa doesn’t depend on office visits to communicate and problem solve. No waiting …

People Love Sherpaa 0

People Love Sherpaa

Every time you use Sherpaa, we ask you to review your experience with our doctors and any specialists or facilities we may have referred you …

How quickly will I get care from Sherpaa? 0

How quickly will I get care from Sherpaa?

Sherpaa works more like email within the Sherpaa app. Just launch our app, create a case, describe what’s happening and, if appropriate, send along some …

Meet Sherpaa's doctors 0

Meet Sherpaa’s doctors

For the last seven years, Sherpaa’s doctors have obsessively cared for tens of thousands of our members. We hire our doctors and they work as …

How to best use Sherpaa 0

How to best use Sherpaa

As the team who pioneered this new kind of healthcare, we’ve learned a lot over the last six years. Here are a few helpful tips: …