Brokers & Consultants:
Getting Started with Sherpaa

✚Pricing and Utilization

At the end of every month, Sherpaa bills employers or health plans $100 per completed episode of care. An episode of care can last 3 days for a UTI, 3 weeks for a pneumonia, or 3 months for a breast cancer scare. We charge one simple flat rate no matter how long the episode lasts.  

Typically, by the end of year one, ~50-70% of employees create at least one episode of care. 

On average, employees create 2.7 episodes per year.

Here's an example 1000 person group with 50% of employees using Sherpaa:

500 people x 2.7 episodes of care = 1350 episodes of care per year

1350 episodes of care divided by 12 months = 112 episodes per month

112 episodes per month @ $100 per episode = $11,200 per month

✚ Setting up a group with Sherpaa:

Complete the launch checklist here.

✚Our videos

Sherpaa in Action

Sherpaa Onboarding for Employees

An Overview of Sherpaa's App

An Episode of Care