Brokers, Benefits Consultants, and Health Plans:
Getting Started with Sherpaa

Costs can only be affected by a fundamentally different process to solve everyday health problems.

Sherpaa changes the care process from “fee-for-service doctor visit first” to “What would happen if the primary means of communicating with your own personal doctor and care team was online at any time of any day and you could expect a response within 12 minutes?” Ultimately, what would happen if doctor visits were used only as a tool of last resort?

Over the last 7 years, we’ve found an online relationship with your doctor can diagnose and treat ~1,500 conditions, which is 95% of what a traditional office PCP can do in their office. And because of that, 80% of everyday health conditions never need in-person fee-for-service traditional care. Since 80-90% of members have only primary care needs throughout a year, Sherpaa is a perfect fit for 80-90% of people. And a new process requires an updated value-based business model— instead of fee-for-service, we charge a flat $100 per Episode of Care.


A 7 year old, NYC-based company.

A new primary care model called Virtual Primary Care.

Delivering care anywhere in 47 states— primary care that scales to all plan members most anywhere.

Our physicians work full-time for us— 90% of the time you work with the same doctor when you use Sherpaa.

Members use their browser or our app to communicate and problem solve with their Sherpaa doctors.

Sherpaa doctors use our custom-built robust platform to manage all of their patients' care.

We routinely diagnose and manage ~1,500 conditions (compared to TelaDoc's 30 and traditional office PCP's 1,500).

Exclusively Virtual Primary Care meets the needs of 80-90% of a population's everyday health needs.

80% of everyday health issues do not need an office visit to diagnose and treat.

We charge $100 per Episode of Care. There are no PEPM fees on top.

Over 150 self-insured employers and health plan clients across America.

✚ Pricing and Utilization

At the end of every month, Sherpaa bills employers or health plans $100 per completed episode of care. An episode of care can last 3 days for a UTI, 3 weeks for a pneumonia, or 3 months for a breast cancer scare. We charge one simple flat rate no matter how long the episode lasts.  

Typically, by the end of year one, ~50-70% of employees create at least one episode of care. 

On average, employees create 2.7 episodes per year.

Here's an example 1000 person group with 50% of employees using Sherpaa:

500 people x 2.7 episodes of care = 1350 episodes of care per year

1350 episodes of care divided by 12 months = 112 episodes per month

112 episodes per month @ $100 per episode = $11,200 per month

✚ Setting up a group with Sherpaa:

Complete the launch checklist here.

✚ Our videos

Sherpaa in Action

Sherpaa Onboarding for Employees

An Overview of Sherpaa's App

An Episode of Care