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Estimate usage and cost

Typically, by the end of year one, ~50-70% of employees create at least one case. On average, an employee creates 2.7 cases per year.

Here's an example 1000 person group with 50% of employees using Sherpaa:

500 people x 2.7 episodes of care = 1350 episodes of care per year

1350 episodes of care divided by 12 months = 112 episodes per month

112 episodes per month @ $100 per episode = $11,200 per month

Finally, after an employer is sold, here’s how to get the group set up with Sherpaa:

#1: Request a contract (here's a sample contract) between Sherpaa and the client here.

#2: You or your client visits here to enter the group’s information, set up your group’s settings, payment information, and all relevant contact information.

#3: We’ll send you a custom link to upload the initial eligibility file

#4: We work with you for a list of facilities, specialists, services, and networks unique to your health plan so we can load them into Sherpaa’s platform and our doctors can have access to your unique offerings at the time of clinical decision making.

  • Member support services we can recommend to members when relevant (Grand Rounds, bundled pricing surgical centers, etc.)
  • Preferred facilities (template)
  • Preferred specialists (template)

#5: Communicate Sherpaa to employees. Prior to launching, send an email from leadership with this copy. Ensure communication about Sherpaa has a presence on:

  • The insurance card (example)
  • Within the app members use to manage their plan
  • Plan description documents
  • One Pager in initial packet
  • HR communications from the employer
  • Snail mail index card

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