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How do insurance companies determine premiums?

Roughly one trillion dollars in America flow through our nation’s private health insurance companies every year. With all of this money they are responsible for, how do they determine their costs, and in return, the amount of money they need to charge you for ...

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Hey video doctors: get it together

A few weeks ago, the RAND Corporation published a study comparing antibiotic prescribing rates between Teladoc, a video-consultation service, and traditional physicians in typical offices. They found that Teladoc’s physicians prescribed the same amount of antibiotics as traditional physicians, but had a higher rate ...

NY Rate Increase Requests 2016
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The difference between 14.3% and 2.35%

Crain’s New York recently reported that New York State health insurers have filed for a 14.3% increase in plan premiums for small businesses in 2016. Today we’d like to share that Sherpaa’s small business clients are seeing an average premium increase of just 2.35%. Why ...

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How does Sherpaa choose its network of specialists we refer to?

Sherpaa has an internal team devoted exclusively to building and optimizing a group of specialists that our full-time doctors here at Sherpaa refer to when you need to be seen in person. This only happens about 30% of the time, but when you ...

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An entirely new genre of healthcare delivery

For years we, and others, have struggled to describe and define Sherpaa’s healthcare delivery model. It’s not telehealth. Telehealth concepts currently in existence simply don’t go far enough. First, telehealth “visits” are transactional and typically video visits between an unknown, random doctor and ...

Insights into the future of healthcare for your company.


why we work

Healthcare Delivery Around the World0

Healthcare Delivery Around the World

This post was written by Sherpaa Cofounder and Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Jay Parkinson. I’m at the airport in Medellín, Colombia waiting to catch my flight back to NYC. I spoke at the Salud 2.0 conference organized by ...

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The Health 101: Insurance Dictionary0

The Health 101: Insurance Dictionary

The origin of the Sherpaa name comes from our ability to guide clients through a better healthcare experience. A large part of that is education, whether it be advice for when antibiotics are appropriate, or deciphering a ...

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Luminary Labs publishes The Human Company Playbook0

Luminary Labs publishes The Human Company Playbook

Luminary Labs, a management consulting firm based in NYC, just published The Human Company Playbook, a compilation of exemplary startups proving that high growth and human-friendly are not mutually exclusive. Luminary Labs’ CEO Sara Holoubek explains the ...

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Strategies for reducing healthcare cost increases0

Strategies for reducing healthcare cost increases

Healthcare costs are continuing to increase, outpacing inflation.The average cost increase for employer-sponsored health plans in the U.S. will be 5.7 percent in 2016, up from 5.3 percent in 2015. Employers only have a few options ...

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“High fever, aches, and chills… can you help?” [VIDEO]

Getting help when you’re feeling sick isn’t always easy. Steven woke up feeling “out-of-sorts” and called on the Sherpaa team for help. Watch his video testimonial in the video below. Sherpaa is the smart way to keep ...

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Hiring: Senior Developer, Python0

Hiring: Senior Developer, Python

Founded in 2012, Sherpaa is changing the way people access and experience healthcare. We are a team of doctors, wellness specialists, data analysts and technologists changing healthcare by modernizing its delivery. We’re making the rounds of the ...

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