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How can Sherpaa doctors do so much without seeing me in person?

By asking detailed questions to deeply understand you and your ongoing situation, confirming suspicions with lab or imaging tests (when necessary), sharing photos and data, and getting updates from you over time, we’ve found over the last 6 years that the vast majority ...


A beautiful film about Sherpaa’s Founder, Dr. Jay Parkinson

Success to me is creating things that make people happy. Just as importantly, how can we design a system that works efficiently and cost-effectively for people? Healthcare is only getting more expensive and confusing. I’ve made it my life’s mission to make doctors ...


A Line-by-line Analysis of a $36,000 ER Bill

Recently, a young, healthy guy went to the ER because he had a fever, a cough, and he felt terrible. He paid his $150 co-pay. A few weeks later, he got a bill for $36,000. He was responsible for ~$2,000 of that and ...

Stay Well

Optimize your sleep with apps, devices, and doctors

Being healthy isn’t easy. At Sherpaa, we define health as a series of everyday habits. Once a month, give us two minutes of your time to be mindful of a habit you can optimize in your life, starting with how to sleep better. #1: ...

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How does Sherpaa choose who to refer you to?

Sherpaa has an internal team devoted exclusively to building and optimizing a group of specialists that our full-time doctors here at Sherpaa refer to when you need to be seen in person. This only happens about 30% of the time, but when you ...


How to Spend Your Money On Healthcare

Spending thousands of dollars a year on health insurance and healthcare needs a careful strategy. You wouldn’t buy a new car or a new house without doing your best to spend wisely. Also, having insurance doesn’t mean you have doctors when you need them. ...


The Vacation Savers0

The Vacation Savers

What do you do when you’re traveling and fall ill? How will you know where to go, and who to see? Our client David knew exactly what to do when his wife got sick during their ...

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how we work

How Sherpaa’s Custom-Built Platform Powers an Entirely New Healthcare Delivery Model0

How Sherpaa’s Custom-Built Platform Powers an Entirely New Healthcare Delivery Model

Sherpaa began building our own tech platform back in late 2012 to power a new kind of healthcare delivery. We built our own because, still to this day, there are no EMRs on the market that ...

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For Business

Sherpaa: A Case Study in Decreasing ER & Urgent Care Usage0

Sherpaa: A Case Study in Decreasing ER & Urgent Care Usage

Sherpaa worked with a large self-insured company of ~5,000 people for 2 years. Our ultimate goal was to decrease ER and urgent care visits. After two years, over 50% of employees used Sherpaa leading to a ...

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What is Sherpaa?

Instead of office visits, Sherpaa doctors use our app to talk with you, order tests, prescribe you medications, and solve your health problems. Our data-driven process based on close, ongoing communication is highly effective at diagnosing you and optimizing your health. Use Sherpaa for anything from quick fixes, like simple infections, to complicated situations involving expensive tests, specialist referrals, surgeries, or help figuring out exactly what you need. Since you always work with the same doctors who practice full-time at Sherpaa, you get the comfort of having your own private physician available to you anytime and anywhere. Over the last six years, we've taken care of tens of thousands of patients and prevented hundreds of thousands of visits to urgent care centers, ERs, and doctor offices. And ~150 of the most innovative companies in the world trust us to take care of their employees. Now we can do the same for you.

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